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LAMP Server

CentOS 6.5 i386 LAMP Server VirtualBox VDI Virtual Appliance

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Most Recent Activation: 
05/25/2018 - 07:43

Pre-Configured and installed LAMP Server VirtualBox Virtual Appliance.
Built by to provide a complete CentOS i386 based LAMP appliance.

LAMP Server w/Webmin: base, console-internet, core, debugging, directory-client, hardware-monitoring, java-platform, large-systems, network-file-system-client, performance, perl-runtime, server-platform, mySql-5.1.71-1, Apache/2.2.15 (CentOS) PHP Version 5.3.3, Webmin

Super Simple Configuration
After creating the virtual computer
You may wish to configure your Virtual Machine using Bridged Network adapter for simpler operation

Ubuntu 10.10 i386 LAMP/Tomcat Server Virtual Appliance

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Most Recent Activation: 
03/05/2013 - 20:23

-= Ubuntu 10.10 i386 LAMP/Tomcat Server Virtual Appliance =-

Ubuntu 10.10 i386 in VirtualBox 3.2.10

    Pre-Installed servers and features

  • Apache2
  • mySQL Server
  • Tomcat Server
  • php
  • Samba
  • OpenSSHd

About Ubuntu 10.10 Server:
Ubuntu Server mixes effortlessly with Ubuntu, Windows or Mac OS environments. All clients can share authentication, swap files and access services, while Open LDAP, Likewise-Open and PAM authentication come as standard.

Ubuntu LAMP Server 8.04.1 VDI [$0.99USD]

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Most Recent Activation: 
12/31/1969 - 03:00

-= Ubuntu LAMP Server 8.04.1 VDI =-


VirtualBox Ubuntu Server 8.04.1 VDI configured with the LAMP option selected.

Ubuntu is quickly becoming one of the most popular distributions of linux. Taking the simple approach, most of the packages associated with the project work right out of the box. The Community Support is what really sets Ubuntu apart from most.

Ubuntu 7.10 LAMP Server VDI

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Ubuntu 6.06.2 LTS LAMP Server

Distro Page: 
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Most Recent Activation: 
02/02/2011 - 23:04

-= Ubuntu 6.06.2 i386 Lamp Server Virtual Appliance =-

Originally Released February 2nd, 2008 this was one of the very first Virtual Appliance I created. Now we have refreshed the installation on VirtualBox 3.2.12

The original release does not appear to be available any longer as a torrent and we have also lost the archive.

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