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Ubuntu 12.04 amd64 Desktop VirtualBox VDI Virtual Appliance

VDIs in use.: 
Most Recent Activation: 
03/23/2018 - 04:50

-= Ubuntu 12.04 LTS amd64 Desktop Virtual Computer =-
Ubuntu 12.04, code name "Precise Pangolin"

Pre-Release Subscription will begin with the Beta Release

05/07/2012 Distribution Release

CentOS 5.6 i386 Gnome Desktop Virtual Appliance

VDIs in use.: 
Most Recent Activation: 
04/03/2013 - 21:50

-= CentOS 5.6 i386 Gnome Desktop Virtual Appliance =-

OVF-VMDK and VirtualBox Native VDI formats

Bodhi Linux 0.1.6 i386 Virtual Appliance

VDIs in use.: 
Most Recent Activation: 
05/15/2014 - 19:23

-= Bodhi Linux 0.1.6 i386 =-

Bodhi is an AWESOME Minimalist Enlightenment Desktop. Enlightenment is a wonderful desktop and Bodhi brings a great distribution. You select and install the applications you want.

We have installed a couple just to get you started. If you don't like them you can easily delete them.

About Bodhi Linux:
Bodhi is built on top of an Ubuntu 10.04 core, using the latest, elegant Enlightenment desktop, all accessed by the light weight LXDM login manager. Bodhi uses dpkg and apt-get for package management.

PeppermintOS Ice 10012010 Virtual Appliance

VDIs in use.: 
Most Recent Activation: 
10/22/2016 - 19:14

-= Peppermint OS Ice 10012010 Virtual Appliance =-

This is the second version release of Peppermint OS here on

Available via SugarSync

Distro Version Release Notes:

Vector Linux 6.0 KDE Classic

VDIs in use.: 
Most Recent Activation: 
06/29/2015 - 05:38

-= VectorLinux 6.0 KDE Classic Virtual Appliance =-

Both native VirtualBox and OVF VMDK formats are available for download.

About Vector Linux KDE Classic:

Virtual Android 2.0 SDK Software Development Appliance

VDIs in use.: 
Most Recent Activation: 
05/25/2017 - 03:50

VirtualBoxImages - Android 2.0-SDK, SDA (Software Development Appliance)

The Fastest way to start developing for the Android 2.0 Devices.
Available in native VirtualBox format or OVF Format which is compatible with VMWare.

gOS 3.1 Virtual Computer

VDIs in use.: 
Most Recent Activation: 
02/03/2018 - 20:14

-= gOS 3.1 Virtual Computer =-

Both VirtualBox Native VDI and OVF-VMDK formats are planned for release.

FREE Direct HTTP download (No Torrent):

Donation Download: (If you would like to show your support for this site)

    Pre-Installed Applications

  • Accessory Applications
    dcalctool - Calculator, gnome-dictionary, baobab - Disk Usage Analyzer, ggl-gtk - Google Gadgets, gnome-screenshot - Take Screenshot, gnome-terminal, gedit - Text Editor, wbarconf - Configuration tool for wbar.

EasyPeasy 1.5 Desktop Virtual Computer

VDIs in use.: 
Most Recent Activation: 
07/29/2017 - 03:17

-= EasyPeasy 1.5 =-

Here it is EasyPeasy 1.5 desktop pre -installed Virtual Appliance

This virtual computer is available for both VirtualBox (VDI) format and VMWare (OVF-VMDK) format.

OS Version Release Notes:

Trisquel 3.0 i686 VDI or OVF Virtual Image

VDIs in use.: 
Most Recent Activation: 
08/18/2016 - 01:45

-= Trisquel 3.0 i686 Virtual Image =-

Available for VirtualBox or VMWare.

Trisquel Linux web site:

(VDI Format) md5sum: d3fe57b95cc68d14c98f3722d8a23d1f

This is the first Trisquel Virtual Images here on the site. Trisquel is 100% Free software. The developers did a wonderful job of putting together a great linux distribution.

VBoxGuest Additions are installed, see Build Notes for more information

VMWare compatible VMDK is also available via torrent.

About Trisquel:

Calculate Linux 9.7 KDE

VDIs in use.: 
Most Recent Activation: 
03/16/2011 - 03:07

-= Calculate Linux 9.7 KDE =-

Calculate is a Gentoo Based distribution.

NOTICE: Login information
username: guest
password: guest
root: adminuser

Version Release Notes:
Setting up of a new user account in KDE has been accelerated 2.5 times. Setting up sound card has been added. The identification of PCs and notebooks with two video cards has been added. Option of booting the live DVD image into the cache has been added. File README.html with description of installation has been added to the live CD desktop. Calculate Linux Desktop KDE is 100% compatible with Gentoo.

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