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Virtubuntu "Linux Server" Tutorial

Linux Server Development on Windows XP.
Run Apache on Windows XP
Run PHP on Windows XP

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Requires: VirtualBox 1.6.0 or 1.6.2


  • Provide a complete virtual Linux Web development server running on a Windows XP computer.
  • Use Windows based tools to administer the Linux Server.
  • Use the virtual computer to develop a functional Sandbox for future development.
  • Configure Linux Virtual OS Server.

The Virtual Computer:

Linux Server Tutorial Paths:

  • Drupal - Open Source PHP based CMS development
  • Zend Framework - PHP Development Framework
  • VirtualBox Headless Server - Configuration and Administration of VirtualBox as a OS Server.

Lamp Server Features:

  • OpenSSH Server
  • Webmin - Administer the Linux Server with ease. This tools takes the place of much of the "Linux" command line.
  • Samba - Connect to the virtual machines filesystem from Windows or Linux.
  • VirtualBox 1.6.2 - This virtual machine is configured as a VirtualBox HOST.
  • TinyMe Virtual Machine - Within the "Virtual Machine" is a "Virtual Machine"

Getting Started

  1. Get the current version of the LAML_TUTORIAL
  2. Get the Client Tools
  3. Configure the Virtual Network
  4. Setup PHP workspace