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gOS 3.1 Virtual Computer

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02/03/2018 - 20:14
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-= gOS 3.1 Virtual Computer =-

Both VirtualBox Native VDI and OVF-VMDK formats are planned for release.

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    Pre-Installed Applications

  • Accessory Applications
    dcalctool - Calculator, gnome-dictionary, baobab - Disk Usage Analyzer, ggl-gtk - Google Gadgets, gnome-screenshot - Take Screenshot, gnome-terminal, gedit - Text Editor, wbarconf - Configuration tool for wbar.

  • Graphics Applications
    picasa - Photo Organizer from Google, gimp - GIMP Image Editor, - Drawing, xsane - Scanner Tool

  • internet Applications
    firefox - Internet Browser, prism-google-mail - Google Mail (GMail), thunderbird - Mozilla Thunderbird Mail/News, pidgin - Pidgin Internet Messenger, prisim, vinagre - Remote Desktop Viewer, Skype

  • Office Applications
    Google Calendar, Google Docs, Suite

  • Sound and Video Applications
    brasero - Brasero Disc Burning, totem - Movie Player, rhythmbox - Rhythmbox Music Player, gnome-sound-recorder

About gOS:
gOS is an easy-to-use, Ubuntu-based distribution designed for less technical computer users. Its main features are the use of Enlightenment as the default desktop and tight integration of various Google products and services into the product.

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