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Virtual Computers are the way of the future and is poised to help usher in the post-pc, post-mobile computing age.

Many were surprised, even stunned when Steve Jobs, basically announced as well as began the assault on PC's. He was right, PC's were dead before the iPhone. Steve Jobs and Apple did a great job of showing the world there is always something new.

We now believe that mobile computing, as amazing and powerful it is will soon pass the torch on to Virtual Computing as the great disruptive technology on in computing and internet.

30,000 Virtual Appliance in Service

When I first found VirtualBox and created my first Virtual Machine VirtualBox was still owned by a small company in Germany. Few people know of the project and fewer thought it was a good idea to build and distribute pre-installed virtual machines.

Along the was VirtualBox was purchased by Sun Micro System. Then Sun Micro Systems was purchased by Oracle.

My original goal was to become familiar with Linux servers and Linux desktops because clients were interested in a lower cost solution to Microsoft Windows solutions.

Putting Linux Virtual Desktop in the Critical Path.

Over the past 2 years I have poured much effort into learning more about Linux by creating the Virtual Computer images available on the site.

Up until this evening, Linux has been installed either on "My" desktop, or the servers running in the background.

Tonight I am putting a "Linux Desktop" in a new place in the household. That function is one of , if not the most "Critical Path" in the home.

Tonight, my wife will get her first Linux Desktop.

The new desktop is complete with her "Old Windows XP" system as a Virtual Image.

I really hope I'm ready for this.....


Over 15,000 VirtualBoxImages in use

I wanted to say Thank you to all the developers who have made VirtualBox such a success and to the community of dedicated VirtualBox users.

VirtualBoxImages has reached another milestone. Today the number of virtual computers in use had topped 15,000.

It has been about 18 months and since I started building virtual machines and deploying them for download. I am amazed how quickly time has passed and how much I have learned.

Most of all a special THANK YOU to those who have download virtual machines form for making it possible.

Puppy Linux Virtual Disk Images reaches 1000 activation milestone

I started VirtualBoxImages in December 2007 with one virtual disk image I wanted to send out to a couple of friends.

One of them suggested that I put together a tutorial to demonstrate how easy it is to setup a pre-made virtual disk image and get started.
PuppyLinux-4.00-k2 [veedee-Eyes].rar was selected as the demo image. VirtualBox

Now just over a year from the original release date of the Puppy Linux VDI there are over 1000 verified activations of the virtual image.

Download Links open to all!!

After considering the recommendation from users, I have removed the requirement for registration in order to access the download links.

My goal initially was that registered users would post comments and feedback about the Virtual Images. To date most of the feedback has been from users that did not realize that there was a password file in the archive.

Additionally I had considered sending out eMail blasts to the users when there was a new release. But, fearing the spam police that idea was dropped.

Sun Releases Version 2.1.2

Sun Microsystems recently released the 2.1.2 Version of VirtualBox.

This version has allowed me to complete installations that previously did not work. Along with the release, Sun hosted a Webinar on Feb 4, 2009 to showcase the new features.

One feature that was a highlight was the ability to install 64bit operating systems in VirtualBox where VirtualBox itself was running on a 32bit platform. This one feature is of great interest. I don't have to purchase new hardware just to run a 64 bit OS.

Sun Releases VirtualBox 2.04

Sun announced the release of the newest version of VirtualBox. VirtualBox Version 2.04 is a maintenance releases of 2.0. For a full list of changes and enhancements in the new release see the change log

I have the new version installed and will be using 2.04 to build and test future Virtual Machine releases.

I am looking forward to testing some of the operating system that I had trouble completing the installation process.

VirtualBox 2.04 can be downloaded from the VirtualBox web site for free.

veeDee-Eyes Examination (-06-Sept-2008 thru 21-Sept-2008)

Due to a computer crash it has been awhile since the last post. I have spent the past two weeks rebuilding.

Over the past two weeks VirtualBox 2.02 was released. The maintenance release has addressed many issues. Unfortunately we were still unable to get and BSD OS to load, sigh.....
The good news is, Ubuntu 8.10 Alpha 6 did install in VirtualBox and is available for download via torrent - Ubuntu Alpha 6 VDI

Here is a list of the new virtual images for download:

  • Mandriva Linux 2009 RC1 KDE
  • Ubuntu JeOS 8.04 (modified) VDI
  • Ubuntu Server Drupal-5.9 Sandbox VDI

veeDee-Eyes Weekly Examination (31-Aug-2008 thru 06-Sept-2008)

Two new version of VirtualBox were released last week with much fan fair. VirtualBox 2.0 was released two days after version 1.6.6. I had high hopes to load the new Ubuntu 8.10 Alpha running the new Kernal 2.6.2x. But, this was not to be the case. Ubuntu 8.10 Alpha 5 still failed to load and install in VirtualBox 2.0.

With so many attempts to load different system, we began publishing the VirtualBox Machine "logs" of the systems that failed to boot or load. The loges were made available to the VirtualBox development team. Now, for those that are interested the logs can be viewed here.

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