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Zenwalk is a GNU/Linux operating system, designed to provide the following characteristics:

Modern and user-friendly (latest stable software, selected applications), Fast (optimized for performance capabilities), Rational (one mainstream application for each task), Complete (full development/desktop/multimedia environment), Evolutionary (simple network package management tool - netpkg)\

Embedded VirtualBox Images
Zenwalk 7.0 OpenBox i386 Virtual Appliance04/03/2011Distribution ReleaseFree Download
Zenwalk Gnome 6.4 Virtual Appliance06/29/2010Distribution ReleaseTorrent
Zenwalk Gnome 5.2 VDI (Release) [$0.99USD]08/28/2008Distribution ReleaseTradeBit
Zenwalk GNOME 5.2beta VDI08/12/2008Beta ReleaseTorrent
Zenwalk-5.2 Release Virtual Appliance [$0.99]06/07/2008Distribution ReleaseTradeBit
Zenwalk 5.2 BETA05/29/2008Beta ReleaseTorrent