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PCLinuxOS 2009 Beta2 VDI

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11/08/2013 - 03:00
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-= PCLinuxOS 2009 Beta2 Virtual Disk Image =-

PCLinuxOS Beta 2 Release Notes:
The Ripper Gang is pleased to announce the second public beta ISO release of what will ultimately become PCLinuxOS 2009. This beta features Linux kernel, KDE 3.5.10, 2.4.1, Firefox 3.0.4, Thunderbird, Frostwire, KTorrent, Amarok, Flash, Java JRE, Compiz Fusion 3D and much more. We request that only our more experienced PCLinuxOS users test this beta release. Testers are advised to install this beta into a separate partition for temporary use only. This, and any subsequent beta ISO images are considered static installs and will not be upgradeable to the 2009 final, so please don't install this with the idea of using it long-term as a work station.
Pre-Installed Applications:

  • Accessory Applications
    kjscmd - JavaScript Console, KWrite - Text Editor, VI Editor

  • Internet Applications
    XChat IRC, KTorrent - BitTorrent Client, KGet Download Manager, KftpGrabber - FTP Client, Smb4k - SMb/CIFS Share Browser, Kopete - Instant Messenger, Thunderbird - Mail/New, KNewsTicker, Pan Newsreader, KPPP - Internet Dial-Up Tool, Krfb - Desktop Sharing, Putty - Terminal Client, TightVNC - Remote Desktop, Firefox, Konqueror

  • Multimedia Applications:
    KFax Viewer, GIMP - Image Editor, Gqview - Image Viewer, Kview Image Viewer, showFoto - Image Viewer, Kalbum, Kover - CD Kover Printer, KPDF - PDF Viewer, digiKam - Photo Management, kghostview - PS/PDF Viewer, ksnapshot - Screen Capture, XSane , KsCD - CD Player, artsbuilder - Audio Filter Designer, Amarok - Audio Player, Aumix - Audio Mixer, MPlayer - Multimedia Player, KMix - Sound Mixer, aRtscontrol - Sound Server Control, DeVeDe - DVD/CD Creator, Kaffeine - Media Player, KMPlayer - Media Player, TVtime - Television Viewer

  • Office Applications
    KCalc - Scientific Calculator, KFontViewer - Font Viewer, Kjots - Note Taker, kdict - Online Dictionary,,

  • System Applications
    k3b - CD/DVD Burning, ark - Archiving Tool,