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Mandriva One

Mandriva Linux One lets you try Linux without worrying about the consequences.

One gives you easy and free access to the official Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring software repositories, containing more than 17,000 packages.

One includes everything you need to make a painless switch from Windows to Linux

Embedded VirtualBox Images
Mandriva 2011 x86_64 Virtual Appliance09/03/2011Distribution ReleaseFree Download
Mandriva Linux Free 2010.2 i586 Virtual Appliance01/03/2011Distribution ReleaseTradeBit
Mandriva Linux 2010 Alpha 2 x86_64bit08/12/2009AlphaTorrent
Mandriva Free 2009.1 KDE Beta VDI02/22/2009Beta ReleaseTorrent
Mandriva 2009.1 Alpha2 VDI02/02/2009AlphaTorrent
Mandriva One 2009 XFCE4 VDI11/23/2008Distribution ReleaseTorrent
Mandriva Linux One 2009 RC1 GNOME VDI10/28/2008Release CandidateTorrent
Mandriva Linux One 2009 KDE4 VDI [$0.99]10/15/2008Distribution ReleaseTradeBit
Mandriva Linux 2009 RC1 KDE09/08/2008Development ReleaseTorrent
Mandriva Linux One 2009 Beta1 KDE408/05/2008Beta ReleaseFree Download
Mandriva Linux One 2009 Alpha2 KDE407/15/2008AlphaTorrent
Mandriva Linux One 2009 Alpha Gnome VDI07/12/2008Beta ReleaseTorrent
Mandriva Linux 2008 GNOME VDI02/14/2008Distribution ReleaseTorrent