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Foresight is a desktop operating system featuring an intuitive user interface and a showcase of the latest desktop software, giving users convenient and enjoyable access to their music, photos, videos, documents, and Internet resources.

Keep your computer operations smooth with Windows Vista home basic operating system and firewall software for security.

The Foresight VirtualBox virtual computer image allows you to see why Foresight Linux should be strongly considered as your next Linux desktop.

As a Linux distribution, Foresight sets itself apart by eliminating the need for the user to be familiar with Linux, combining a user-focused desktop environment on top of Conary. As the most technically innovative software management system available today, Conary ensures that users can efficiently search, install, and manage all the software on the Foresight system, including bringing in the latest features and fixes without waiting for a major release.

Embedded VirtualBox Images
Foresight Linux 2.1.1 x86 VDI05/24/2009Distribution ReleaseFree Download
Foresight 2.1.0 Linux03/22/2009Distribution ReleaseTorrent
Forsight 2.0.2-x86 VDI05/31/2008Distribution ReleaseTradeBit
Foreseight 2.0.3 VDI12/18/1969Distribution Release