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Fedora 10 (Final Release) [$0.99]

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04/03/2013 - 03:53
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-= Fedora 10 (Final Release) =-

Fedora 10 Pre-Installed Applications:

  • Accessory Applications:
    Archive Manager - file-roller, Calculator - gcalctool, IOK - Onscreen virtual keyboard, gnome-screenshot, gedit - Text Editor, gaiksaurus - Thesaurus

  • Graphic Applications:
    gimp - GNU Image Manipulation, gthumb - Image Viewer

  • Internet Applications:
    launchmail - Email, Firefox - web Browser, pidgin - Internet Messenger, Transmission BitTorrent Client

  • Office Applications:
    AbiWord - Word Processor, gnome-dictionary, Evolution Mail and Calendar

  • Sound and Video Applications:
    sound-juicer - CD Audio Extractor, cheese - Webcam Booth, totem -Movie Player, pavucontrol - Volume Control, rhythmbox - Music Player, gnome-sound-recorder

  • and many more
VDI Information
Build Notes: 

The Final Release has GuestAdditions installed. "Auto-resize Guest Display" and "Seamless Mode" is not functional.
These additional packages were installed to support VBoxClientAdditions:
-GNU C++ Compiler

IO APCI Must be disabled to run the release VDI

VirtualBox Edition: 
Open Source Edition (OSE)
Enterprise Edition
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Video Memory: 
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