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Unity Linux

-= Unity Linux Virtual Appliances =-

Below you will find information on the Unity Linux distribution as well as links to virtual appliances built by

About Unity Linux:
Unity Linux, in itself, is not a full distribution. What our group provides is set of “core packages” (i.e. kernel, firmware, toolkits, Desktop Environments, etc) and the tools which make it very easy to remaster the core into a distribution of your liking targeting specific functionality (i.e. educational software, graphics editing, etc) or localizations (i.e. translations into other languages). These remasters are driven by our community groups and it is our job as Unity Linux developers to make the job of remastering as easy as possible. Our group is also responsible for ensuring interoperability between the various core packages to provide a reliable paltform for the remasters. In other words, we do the “dirty” work to make the remaster process as easy and transparent as possible.

Embedded VirtualBox Images
Unity32 2010.1 Linux Desktop Virtual Appliance07/18/2010Torrent
Unity32 2010 RC1 Virtual Appliance03/12/2010Release CandidateTorrent