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Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop i386 VDI [Final] (VDI or VMDK)

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01/13/2016 - 12:50
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-= Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop i386 Virtual Disk Image =-

VDI Release Log:

  • 04/25/2009 - Distribution Release [FINAL]
    The release is finally here. Thank you to all who purchased the Pre-Release Subscription. Your download links will be reactivated - James

  • 04/04/18/2009 - Release Candidate 1 (RC1)
    The first release candidate for Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop, getting closer to the final release. This image will replace the Beta 1 virtual disk image in the subscription. If you have purchased the $1.00 subscription your download link will be reactivated.

  • 03/28/2009 - Beta 1
    The first Beta of Ubuntu 9.04 was successfully installed and will replace the Alpha 5 release in the subscription.
    If you purchased the subscription for $1.00 you will receive an email with your download link reactivated.
    VBoxGuestAdditions are installed and functioning well

  • 03/01/2009 - Alpha 5
    This is the 5th Alpha release of Ubuntu installed in VirtualBox 2.1.4. The final release of Ubuntu is scheduled for April 2009. VBoxGuestAdditions are installed and functioning well
    Pre-Installed Applications

  • Accessories:
    gcalctool - Calculator, gucharmap - Character Map, gnome-dictionary - Disctionary, baobab - Disk Usage Analyzer, emacsclient - Emacs 22 (client), Print Job Manager, seahorse - Password and Encryption, gnome-snapshot - Take Screenshot, gnome-terminal - Terminal, gedit - Text Editor, tomboy - Tomboy Notes

  • Graphics Applications:
    f-spot - F-Spot Photo Manager, gimp-2.4 - GIMP Image Editor, ooffice -draw - Drawing, xsane - XSane Image Scanner

  • Internet Applications:
    ekiga - Ekiga Softphone, epiphany-browser - Epiphany Web Browser, evolution - Evolution Mail, pidgin - Pidgin Internet Messenger, vinagre - Remote Desktop Viewer, tsclient - Terminal Server Client, transmission - Torrent Client

  • Office Applications:
    evolution - Evolution Mail and Calendar, - Word Processor/Spreadsheet/Presentation (like PowerPoint)

  • Sound and Video Applications:
    sound-juicer - Audio CD Extractor, brasero - Brasero Disc Burning, totem - Movie Player, rhythmbox - Rhythmbox Music Player, gnome-sound-recorder - Sound Recorder

  • System Tools:
    synaptic - Synaptic Package Manager, gnome-system-monitor - System Monitor
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