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Trisquel 3.0 i686 VDI or OVF Virtual Image

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08/18/2016 - 01:45
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-= Trisquel 3.0 i686 Virtual Image =-

Available for VirtualBox or VMWare.

Trisquel Linux web site:

(VDI Format) md5sum: d3fe57b95cc68d14c98f3722d8a23d1f

This is the first Trisquel Virtual Images here on the site. Trisquel is 100% Free software. The developers did a wonderful job of putting together a great linux distribution.

VBoxGuest Additions are installed, see Build Notes for more information

VMWare compatible VMDK is also available via torrent.

About Trisquel:
Trisquel GNU/Linux is a 100% libre Ubuntu-based Linux distribution with support for the Galician language, as well as Spanish, Catalan, Euskaraz and English. Its main purpose is to provide an operating system for varied audience, including home and office users, educational institutions, multimedia workstations, etc. The project is developed by the Universidad de Vigo and sponsored by the Council for Innovation and Industry of the regional government of Galicia, Spain.

    Pre-Installed Applications

  • Internet Applications:
    abrowser - Web Browser, Evolution Mail, Pidgin Internet Messenger, tsclient - Terminal Service Client, xchat - XChat IRC, transmission - Transmission BitTorrent Client

  • Office Applications: Open - Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Drawing, gnome-dictionary - Dictionary
  • Graphics Applications:
    gThumb Image Viewer, gimp-2.6 - GIMP Image Editor, Inkscape Vector Graphics Editor, XSane Image Scanner, Cheese Webcam Booth

  • Sound and Video Applications:
    Audacious, Brasero Disk Burner, Elisa Media Center, totem - Movie Player, rhythmbox - Music Player, gnome-sound recorder, tvtime - Television Viewer

  • Accessory Applications:
    Calculator, baobab - Disk Usage Analyzer, gedit - Text Editor
VDI Information
Build Notes: 

In order to install VBoxGuest Additions, GNU Compiler, Make and Kernel Source & Headers were installed.

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