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SugarCMS CE 5.5.1 CMS Virtual Appliance

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05/26/2014 - 11:46
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-= SugarCRM CR 5.5.1 Virtual Appliance =-

SugarCRM Community Edition Virtual Appliance installed in Ubuntu 9.10 i386 server.

You can view the SugarCRM demo here:

About SugarCRM:
Managing customer information in emails and spreadsheets can only take a company so far.

As your first CRM system, SugarCRM will unlock information trapped in email and on desktops and ensure every employee is on the same page.

With SugarCRM, your company will gain insights across marketing, sales and support so everyone is working toward common goals.

CRM is most powerful when it encompasses not only employees, but partners and customers as well.

SugarCRM offers companies unrivaled flexibility to design the processes and expose the right information that makes for more successful partners and happier customers.

Getting Started:
1. Create a Virtual Machine in VirtualBox or VMWare and attach to the SugarCE 5.5.1 VDI
2. Ensure that you have the Networking in VirtualBox set to Bridged network
3. Start the Virtual Applicance
4. At the prompt login as 'adminuser' with the password 'adminuser'
5. At the prompt enter the command 'ifconfig' to find the ip address of the Virtual Applicance and record the address. You will see an a local address for either eth2 or eth1 in the network range.
6. Open a browser on a computer on the local network and open 'http://yourserveraddess/SugarCE/' replacing yourserveraddess with the address from step 5.
7. Login with username: Admin / password: sugarce
8. Follow the wizard to complete the customization of the SugarCRM appliance
9. Consider upgrading you system to 'Sugar Professional' or 'Sugar Enterprise' as you require

VDI Information
Build Notes: 

Modified "/etc/init.d/rcS". Added dhclient command to startup networking services

    Server modifications and installs required by SugarCRM

      Installed as required by Sugar Installation

    • Modified php.ini
      Upload file size
      Memory Limit

    • Modified .htaccess as instructed by installation documentation.

    Server login:
    username: adminuser
    password: adminuser
    root (sudo) : adminuser

    mySQL Database:
    root: adminuser

    sugarce database:
    username: sugarce
    password: sugarce

    SugarCMS System Admin access
    username: Admin
    password: sugarce

VirtualBox Settings
VirtualBox Version: 
Base Memory: