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Scientific Linux 5.3 VDI

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12/14/2011 - 21:09
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-= Scientific Linux 5.3 Virtual Disk Image =-

Scientific Linux 5.3 VirtualBox VDi, fully functional, and ready for production. VBoxGuestAdditionsl are installed and functional. See the build notes for more inforamtion.

    Pre-Installed Applications

  • Accessory Applications
    file-roller - Archive Manager, gcalctool - Calculator, gucharmap - Character Map, gnome-dictionary - Dictionary, gnome-screenshot - Take Screenshot, gnome-terminal - Terminal, gedit - Text Editor

  • Games
    sol - AisleRiot Solitaire, gataxx - Araxx, blackjack, glines - Five or More, gnect - Four-in-a-Row, iagno, gnotski - Klotski, mahjongg, gnomine, gnibbles, same-gnome , gnobots2 - Robots2, gtali - Tali, gnotravex - Tetravex

  • Graphic Applications
    evince - Document Viewer, gthumb - gThumb Image Viewer, xsane- Scanner Tool, gimp-remote-2.2 - The GIMP

  • Internet Applications
    evolution - Email/Contacts, firefox - Web Browser, pidgin - Internet Messenger, ekiga - IP Telephony, VoIP and Video Conferencing,

  • Office Applications -writer - Word Processor, -calc Spreadsheet, planner - Project Management, -impress - Presentation,

  • Programming Applications
    Nedit - Text Editor

  • Sound & Video Applications
    gnome-cd - CD Player ,totem - Movie Player, rhythmbox - Rhythmbox Music Player, sound-juicer - Sound Juicer CD Extractor

About Scientific Linux:
Scientific Linux is a recompiled Red Hat Enterprise Linux put together by various labs and universities around the world.

OS Release Notes:
Scientific Linux 5.3 has been released for both the i386 and x86_64 architectures. Intel wireless has been updated and works much better. We have added the iwlwifi 3945, and 5000 ucode (firmware), as well as updated the 4945 ucode. Scipy has been added to the release, along with fttw and suitesparse to support it. Numpy was already in the release. Scientific Linux release 5.3 is based on the rebuilding of RPMs out of SRPMs from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 server and client, including update 3. It also has all errata and bug fixes up until March 17, 2009.

VDI Information
Build Notes: 

VBoxGuestAdditions are installed. Auto-Resize Guest Display is not functioning. Full range of resolutions available in from Administration/Display panel

VirtualBox Edition: 
Open Source Edition (OSE)
Enterprise Edition
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Red Hat
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