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Point Linux 3.0 Gnome VirtualBox VDI Virtual Computer

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09/19/2016 - 17:26
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-= Point Linux 3.0 Gnome VirtualBox VDI Virtual Computer =-

12/13/2014: Beta 3 Distribution
Point Linux team proudly announces the availability of the Point Linux 3.0 beta 3. The key feature of this release is the new GNOME 3.14 edition that hopefully will make a perfect company to the existing MATE desktop. Just like in the previous MATE-only releases, Point Linux GNOME edition comes in two suites, 'Full' for the fully functional out-of-the-box desktop, and 'Core', containing only the basic and free components. Based on the recently introduced GNOME 'Classic' mode, Point Linux combines it with the custom tweaks and the brand-new dark panel theme aiming to bring the best possible experience for the GNOME 2 fans. Point Linux MATE 3.0 beta 3 got many under-the-hood bug fixes and infrastructural changes.

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