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Peppermint One OS Virtual Appliance

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03/10/2018 - 11:36
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-= Peppermint OS One Linux Virtual Appliance =-

PeppermintOS One is awesome in VirtualBox. PeppermintOS is small, lightweight and fast and has builtin Cloud based computing applications.

PeppermintOS WebSite:

Default Cloud Applications:
Note: The default Cloud Applications are simply included in Peppermint as an example of the flexibility of Mozilla’s Prism technology as opposed to locally installed applications. These defaults can easily be removed and added again later as the user sees fit. There is an article on removal in the FAQ as well as adding them in the Quickstart Guide
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About Peppermint OS:
From the Peppermint OS Site "Peppermint OS: Something a Little Different
We’re proud to be here working on Peppermint and when you see it I think you’ll understand our enthusiasm.
People have been trying to create an effective web centric operating system for years now. This is especially true in Linux with projects like the Ubuntu Netbook Remix, Google Chrome OS, and Moblin all coming to the forefront in recent years. On the downside of things, these systems, though great for surfing the web, lack a lot of the familiarity that people demand from something they use on a day to day basis. Here at Peppermint, we’re committed to giving you a system that won’t throw you for a loop while trying to get things settled in."

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