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PCLinuxOS KDE 2011-6 Desktop Virtual Appliance

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02/11/2018 - 16:39
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-= PCLinuxOS 2011-6 KDE Desktop Virtual Appliance =-

Available via Direct HTTP Download via hosting. Unlimited Storage/Unlimited Bandwidth. No registration required.

Thank you for your support.

Version Release Notes:
PCLinuxOS KDE 2011.6 for 32-bit and 64-bit computers is now available for download. The Linux kernel was updated to version Additional kernels are available from our repositories such as a PAE kernel for computers with more than 4 GB of memory. A BFS kernel for maximum desktop performance and a standard kernel with group scheduling enabled. X.Org Server was updated to version 1.10.2. Mesa updated to 7.10.3 and libdrm to version 2.4.26. These updates bring enhancements to the PCLinuxOS desktop including speed, 3D desktop support for most Intel, NVIDIA and AMD/ATI video cards, better font rendering, black screen fixes for most NVIDIA cards, better Flash playback and more.

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