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Monomaxos* is a Linux based operating system that started from user [email protected] in Athens , Greece. It’s an Ubuntu based system that provides full support for any kind of multimedia files and any kind of internet content just out of the box. It can even be used as a stand-alone media center using the embedded XBMC media center. Contains large number of software packages and drivers for any kind of modern hardware that makes it really powerful operating system. It was actually build for use from amateur Greek users as a ‘’demonstration’’ Live DVD for the capabilities of Linux and Open source. After a lot of requests and considering the success of the Monomaxos Live DVD in many countries outside Greece an English edition of Monomaxos is out for international use.

Embedded VirtualBox Images
MonomaxOS 4.0 [English]11/06/2009Distribution ReleaseTorrent
Monomaxos 3.0 Virtual Computer09/09/2009Distribution ReleaseTorrent