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Lubuntu is a faster, more lightweight and energy saving variant of Ubuntu using LXDE, the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment. The lubuntu team aims to earn official endorsement from Canonical

Embedded VirtualBox Images
Lubuntu 15.04 amd64 VirtualBox VDI Virtual Computer12/21/2014AlphaFree Download
Lubuntu 14.10 amd64 VirtualBox Virtual Computer09/04/2014Beta ReleaseFree Download
Lubuntu 13.10 i386 VirtualBox VDI Virtual Computer09/08/2013Beta ReleaseFree Download
Lubuntu 13.04 i386 VirtualBox VDI Virtual Computer06/30/2013Distribution ReleaseFree Download
Lubuntu 13.04 amd64 VirtualBox VDI Virtual Computer06/01/2013
Lubuntu 11.10 i386 Virtual Appliance02/02/2012Distribution ReleaseFree Download
Lubuntu 11.10 amd64 Virtual Appliance09/12/2011Free Download
Lubuntu 11.04 Virtual Appliance05/06/2011
Lubuntu 10.04 i386 RELEASE Virtual Appliance05/22/2010Distribution ReleaseTorrent