Hanthana 17 i386 Desktop Virutal Appliance

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10/03/2014 - 18:01
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=- Hanthana 17 i386 Desktop Virutal Appliance =-

Hanthana has all the features of Fedora and loads of additional software including multimedia players and codecs by default. In short, Hanthana is ready to serve your office, multimedia, graphic, educational and entertainment needs immediately after installation!


Distro Release Notes:
Hanthana Linux live CD, the newest member of the Hanthana Linux family comes out today. While our regular DVD release is a complete software repository with the latest 3D-accelerated desktop, the live CD will cater to the needs of low-resource requirements, personalized software selection and simplicity. It comes with all the goodness of Hanthana and Fedora version 17, including Mozilla Firefox, LibreOffice Writer, Calc and Impress, and loads of more lightweight applications. LXDE is a lightweight and customizable desktop environment, which is designed to work with older hardware, although it also works perfectly well with modern 3D-accelerated graphics hardware.

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