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Fedora 13 i686 [FINAL] Virtual Appliance

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03/08/2014 - 01:52
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-= Fedora 13 i686 Desktop Virtual Appliance =-

Pre-Release Subscription
05/29/2010 Distribution Release installed and configured:
The Distribution Release of Fedora 13 Virtual Appliance is available for download. If you purchased the Pre-Release Subscription you will receive a re-activated download link.

You will need to upgrade to VirtualBox 3.2 for this release.

Pre-Installed Applications:

  • Accessory Applications:
    file-roller - Archive Manager, gcalctool - Calculator, gedit Text Editor, gnote - Note Tool

  • Game Applications (Games)
    sol - AisleRiot Solitaire, iagno, gnomine - Mines, Sudoku

  • Graphics Applications
    Shotwell - Photo Manager, simple-scan - Scanning

  • Internet Applications:
    empathy - Empathy IM Client, firefox - Web Browser, vinagre - Remote Desktop Viewer, transmission - Transmission BitTorrent Client

  • Office Applications
    evolution - Evolution Mail and Calendar, planner - Project Management

  • Sound and Video Applications:
    sound-juicer - Audio CD Extractor, brasero - Brasero Disc Burner, cheese - Cheese Webcam Booth, totem - Movie Player, rhythmbox - Rhythmbox Music Player

  • System Tool Applications
    abrt-gui - Automatic Bug Reporting Tool, nautilus - CD/DVD Creator, deja-dup - Déjà Dup Backup Tool, baobab - Disk Usage Analyzer, palimpsest - Disk Utility

04/16/2010 Current Version Beta2 Installed
The installation process was difficult. And after 3.5 hours we are going to release the Virtual Appliance as is, with known issues.

The VBoxGuestAdditions installation finally completed without errors, but is does not appear to work.

The information on the Forums were helpful in getting the necessary dependencies installed. In the end the VBoxGustAdditions are not working correctly. Hopefully this will be resolved with the Final Release when it comes out.

If someone knows of a solution please contact me support [at]
05/29/2010: The fix for this problem is included in VirtualBox 3.2

The virtual appliance will be distributed a Pre-release subscription for those who choose to support out efforts

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