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CentOS 6.2 x86_64 Developer Gnome Desktop Virtual Appliance

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04/15/2014 - 02:58
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-= CentOS 6.2 x86_64 Developer Gnome Desktop Virtual Appliance =-

CentOS x86_64 Developer Workstation is a ready to use development environment as designated by the installation of CentOS.

Pre-Installed and ready to use; Chainsaw, Eclipse, Java SDK, OpenJDK, Qt4 Designer

    Pre-Installed Applications

  • Accessories

    file-roller - Archive Manager. Create and modify an archive, gcalctool - Calculator. Perform arithmetic, scientific or financial calculations, gucharmap - Character Map. Insert special characters into documents, gnome-dictionary - Check word definitions and spellings in an online dictionary, emacs - Edit text, gedit - gedit Text Editor. Edit text files, gnote - Take notes, link ideas, and stay organized, seahorse - Passwords and Encryption Keys. Manage your passwords and encryption keys, gnome-screenshot --interactive - Take Screenshot. Save images of your desktop or individual windows,

  • Graphics

    gimp - GNU Image Manipulation Program. Create images and edit photographs, gthumb - gThumb Image Viewer. View and organize your images, xsane - Scanner Tool. Scan images to view, copy, fax or email them,

  • Internet

    firefox - Browse the Web,

  • Programming

    chainsaw - Log4j log viewer, eclipse - Eclipse Integrated Development Environment, logfactor5 - Graphical user interface for managing log4j log messages, jconsole - OpenJDK Monitoring & Management Console. Monitor and manage OpenJDK applications, policytool - OpenJDK Policy Tool. Manage OpenJDK policy files, assistant - Qt3 Assistant. Add translations to Qt3 applications, linguist - Qt3 Linguist. Add translations to Qt3 applications, designer-qt4 - Qt4 Designer. Design GUIs for Qt4 applications, linguist-qt4 - Qt4 Linguist. Add translations to Qt4 applications,

  • Sound & Video

    sound-juicer - Audio CD Extractor. Copy music from your CDs, brasero - Brasero Disc Burner. Create and copy CDs and DVDs, cheese - Cheese Webcam Booth. Take photos and videos with your webcam, with fun graphical effects, totem - Movie Player. Play movies and songs, rhythmbox - Rhythmbox Music Player. Play and organize your music collection,

  • System Tools

    abrt-gui - Automatic Bug Reporting Tool. View and report application crashes, nautilus - CD/DVD Creator. Create CDs and DVDs, baobab - Disk Usage Analyzer. Check folder sizes and available disk space, palimpsest - Disk Utility. Manage Drives and Media, nautilus - File Browser. Browse the file system with the file manager, gnome-system-monitor - System Monitor. View current processes and monitor system state, gnome-terminal - Use the command line, virt-manager - Virtual Machine Manager. Manage virtual machines,

  • System
    Personal preferences - Preferences, Change systemwide settings - Administration,

  • Preferences

    gnome-about-me - Set your personal information, gnome-appearance - Appearance. Customize the look of the desktop, gnome-at-properties - Assistive Technologies. Choose which accessibility features to enable when you log in, bluetooth-properties - Configure Bluetooth settings, my-default-printer - Select default printer, desktop-effects - Select desktop effects, gnome-display-properties - Display. Change screen resolution, nautilus-file-management-properties - File Management. Change the behaviour and appearance of file manager windows, im-chooser - Input Method. Choose the input method to be used or disable the input method usage on the desktop, gnome-keyboard-properties - Keyboard. Set your keyboard preferences, gnome-keybinding-properties - Keyboard Shortcuts. Assign shortcut keys to commands, alacarte - Main Menu. Change which applications are shown on the main menu, gnome-mouse - Mouse. Set your mouse preferences, nm-connection-editor - Network Connections. Manage and change your network connection settings, gnome-network - Network Proxy. Set your network proxy preferences, gnome-file-share - Personal File Sharing. Preferences for sharing of files, gnome-power - Power Management. Configure power management, gnome-default - Preferred Applications. Select your default applications, vino-preferences - Remote Desktop. Choose how other users can remotely view your desktop, gnome-screensaver - Set your screensaver preferences, gpk-prefs - Software Updates. Change software update preferences, gnome-volume-control - Sound. Change sound volume and sound events, gnome-session - Startup Applications. Choose what applications to start when you log in, gnome-window - Windows., Set your window properties,

  • Administration

    gpk-application - Add/Remove Software. Add or remove software installed on the system, system-config-authentication - Authentication. Control how the system verifies users who attempt to log in, system-config-date - Date & Time. Change system date and time, system-config-firewall - Firewall. Firewall Configuration, /system-config-kdump - Kernel crash dumps. Configure kernel crash dumps, system-config-printer - Printing. Configure printers, system-config-services - Services. Configure which services will be running when the system starts, gpk-update-viewer - Software Update. Update software installed on the system, system-config-users - Users and Groups. Add or remove users and groups,

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Red Hat
Additional Distribution VDIs
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