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Virtual Android 2.0 SDK Software Development Appliance

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05/25/2017 - 03:50
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VirtualBoxImages - Android 2.0-SDK, SDA (Software Development Appliance)

The Fastest way to start developing for the Android 2.0 Devices.
Available in native VirtualBox format or OVF Format which is compatible with VMWare.

VirtualBox runs on Windows7, Vista, WindowsXP, Linux, Mac OS.

This is a functional build of an Android Development Workstation based on Android SDK 2.0

This distribution is based on Ubuntu 9.10 i386 and will also be available on the amd64 Virtual Platform

Get the Full Resolution Demo Video FREE:

As more information becomes available we will make updates to the appliance.

    Pre-Installed Applications

  • Eclipse additional plugin installed and required by the Android 2.0 SDK and Google
  • Android 2.0 SDK (android-sdk_r3-linux.tgz)
  • Google WebKit Plugin
  • SDK Platform Android 2.0, API 5, revision 1

Android Software Development Kit License Agreement.

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