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LinuxLite 2.2 64bit VirtualBox VDI Virtual Computer

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08/01/2018 - 23:37
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LinuxLite 2.2 64bit VirtualBox VDI Virtual Computer

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About Lite:
Linux Lite is a beginner-friendly Linux distribution based on Ubuntu LTS and featuring the Xfce desktop.

Distribution Release Notes:
Linux Lite 2.2 final is now available for download. This release is a product of the incredible contributions from both the community and the developers. We've added Backups, a very simple to use backup utility, Date & Time, File Search, and our newest members to the Linux Lite software family - Lite Cleaner, an easy-to-use point and click system cleaner and Lite Welcome which greets you on first boot, gives useful information about Linux Lite including updates, support and development. We've also added Light Locker as the new default screen locker.

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