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220,190 is the worlds leading source for pre-installed virtualbox virtual computers. No other single source provides more virtual computer choices. This is the mother lode of VirtualBox virtualization software. VDI images of pre-installed "Open Source" Operating System distros. Pre-installed virtualbox images ready for you to explore and play with. Here you will find linux vdi image downloads of many of the popular Linux distributions. VirtualBox runs on SunOS, OpenSolaris, Mac OS X, Windows, OS/2 and Linux. It's a computer inside your computer.
  • Instantly run another operating system on your desktop in a window, on almost any computer.
  • Implement full Linux functionality on an existing Windows Desktop or server.
  • Windows XP Tutorial: 7 quick steps to using our VDI's
  • Need a specific Application? Find an Image using the Pre-Installed Applications Index
  • A number of Virtual Machines are also available in OVF Appliance format
"Computer Inside Your Computer: How To Use VirtualBox"
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VirtualBox is a free, open source, cross-platform application for creating, managing and running Virtual Machines (VMs). You've heard a lot about Linux and you'd love to try it out, but you don't know enough to take the plunge and install it alongside Windows - maybe you're worried you'll wipe all your files off in the process. Besides, you'd like to have another computer handy so that you can look something up if you get stuck, but you don't have another computer. This is it.
Free VirtualBox Images
VDIIn SvcRel.
Bio-Linux 8.0.5 VirtualBox Virtual Computer101/18/2015
Tanglu 2.0 Gnome 64bit Hybrid VirtualBox VDI Virtual Computer5101/11/2015
LinuxMint 17.1 KDE 64bit VirtualBox VDI Virtual Computer49601/10/2015
Extix 15.1 64bit GNOME VirtualBox VDI Virtual Computer501/09/2015
LinuxLite 2.2 64bit VirtualBox VDI Virtual Computer19501/04/2015
KaOS 2014.12 x86_64 VirtualBox VDI Virtual Computer5001/03/2015
Android x86 4.4 VirtualBox VDI Virtual Computer48501/02/2015
Linux Deepin 2014.2 amd64 VirtualBox VDI Virtual Computer4501/01/2015
Calculate Linux 14.12 x86_64 KDE VirtualBox VDI Virtual Computer2412/28/2014
Kubuntu 15.04 amd64 VirtualBox VDI VirtualComputer20212/21/2014
Lubuntu 15.04 amd64 VirtualBox VDI Virtual Computer17112/21/2014
UbuntuGnome 15.04 amd64 VirtualBox VDI Virtual Computer23212/21/2014
Point Linux 3.0 Gnome VirtualBox VDI Virtual Computer1112/14/2014
Makulu Linux 7.0 Xfce VirtualBox VDI Virtual Computer3912/14/2014
Ubuntu Mate 14.04.1 amd64 VirtualBox VDI Virtual Computer15412/13/2014
Tanglu 1.91 KDE amd64 VirtualBox VDI Virtual Computer1412/09/2014
RoboLinux32 Gnome v7.7.2 VirtualBox VDI VirtualComputer4912/07/2014
antiX 14.3 MX VirtualBox VDI Virtual Computer (PAE)4412/06/2014
LinuxMint 17.1 Cinnamnon 64bit VirtualBox VDI Virtual Computer114712/06/2014
LinuxMint 17.1 Mate 64bit VirtualBox VDI Virtual Computer39611/30/2014
LinuxLite 2.0 64bit VirtualBox VDI12611/28/2014
Scientific Linux 6.6 x86_64 FULL Desktop VirtualBox Virtual Computer16411/20/2014
openSUSE 13.2 x86_64 KDE VirtualBox VDI52711/11/2014
Xubuntu 14.10 amd64 RELEASE VirtualBox VDI Virtual Computer45711/11/2014
UbuntuGnome 14.10 amd64 RELEASE VirtualBox VDI Virtual Computer23911/05/2014
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